Pennsylvania Military College

At the time Uncle Dix was a Private and held "a position as a Trainee Cadet Battalion Commander on a permanent basis for the authorized purpose of maintaining decipline and of training other students" as Colonel Marion O. French wrote in his letter of recommendation for Officers Candidate School. He further noted that "Under this careful appraisal as to his character, military aptitude, intelligence, physique, and qualities of leadership, he was selected as one of nine men from 325 Trainees for recommendation". These duties were in addition to his college courses. You may read the colonel's letter here (link).

Uncle Dix was awarded the Army Specialized Training Program Certicate on 4 MAR 1944.

A history of the Pennsylvania Military College is here (link) .

Note the military whistle with lanyard attached to his left coat pocket.
Private C E Milam in Uniform

ASTP Certificate


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