Oath of Affirmation, Page 1 of Isham Talbot's List

Justice Isham Talbot Collected the Signatures from 15 August to 26 November 1777

The Bedford County Court on July 28, 1777, proscribed the manner in which the Oath would be administered in the county. Justice Isham Talbot Gent. was asssigned Capt. Henry Buford's Company which apparently begins at the top of the left column where Buford's name is second. However it seems that Talbot also collected the signatures of Captain Charles Gwatkins' Company. In the middle of this page beginning with the date, Sept 1st 1777, there are the signatures of fifty men, many of whom are known to have been in Gwatkins' Company including Lt John Milam, Ensign David Crews, John Brown, Achilles Eubanks, Ansel Goodman, Jesse Hodges, John Holley, Joseph Jackson, John Pribble, William Tracey and Richard Wade.


Two family members of John Milam are in his Company: 1st cousin Benjamin Kelly, the son of John Kelly and Ann Maragret Rush, sister of John's mother, Mary Rush, is on this page. Joseph Jackson who was the brother of John's wife, Anne Jackson, is on page 2. Both were captured by the Shawnee Indians at Blue Licks on February 8th, 1778. Daniel Boone, Jeseph Jackson, Benjamin Kelly and six others were "adopted" by the Shawnee at Little Chillicothe on the Miami River in Ohio. Jackson remained with the Indians for more than two decades until 1799.


Oath of Affirmation Charles Gwatkins List

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