Moses Milam and Benjamin Milam's Account for David Wright 1772



At the Records Center of the Library of Virginia, Bedford County Judgments Box 38 contains the original papers of a lawsuit: Moses Milam versus David Wright from early 1773. Moses Milam wrote a memorandom itemizing his - and Benjamin Millam’s - work for Wright: 1) for Alexander Baines Mill “for sawing 673 feet of Plank for his mill and also 5 Shillings for Sawing of the Trunk plank….£ 1.15. 0”; 2) for David Wright “claps {clapboards}…one house…£ 6.10. 0”; and 3) “balance owed Benjaman Millam on the old account….£ 1.  3.  9”,.

Note that Moses signed this contract with his signature at the bottom right. This contract was the core of a suit brought by Moses Milam "of a plea of Trespass on the case. Damages of 10 Pounds."

This account statement shows that Moses and Benjamin worked together as wood workers and that  Moses was literate and could write a complete account statement - not simply sign his signature.


The case was summarized in Bedford County Court Order Book 5A, on page 87 (24 MAR 1773), where an entry reads: "Milam vs Wright. Judgment. Confessed according to account & Costs. Stay exam three months." - meaning Wright agreed with the amount and was given three months to pay the Milams the balance. [503]

Photo of Moses Milam Bill for David Wright

Transcription of Moses' Memorandum

Momorandum Transcribed

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