12 JUN 1783 Moses Milam Bond to Alexander Baine

Digital Image of BEDFORD COUNTY JUDGEMENTS, Box 63, 1789

At the Records Center of the Library of Virginia, Bedford County Judgments Box 63 contains the original papers of a lawsuit: Alexander Baine versus Moses Milam from June 1783. Moses Milam and William Boyd Jr. signed a bond to Alexander Baine, a merchant, for £ 20 and two Pence which was to be repayed with interest within three months. The penalty amount was double - £ 40 and 4 pence - if not repayed by then. William Boyd Jr. was Moses' security to guarantee the bond. They both signed at the bottom right.

"The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Moses Milam hath Sundry Goods under Execution to Satisfy Alexander Baine of Twenty pounds and two pence current money of Virginia, Now if the said Moses Milam do pay the same within three months from the date hereof with legal Interest thereon then the above Obligation void else to remain in full force & Virtue. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Lynch {Clerk of Court} "

In May 1789 the Bedford Court ordered judgment against William Boyd Jr. which you may view in the second image below.

Moses Milam Bond to Alex Baine June 1783


Baine Judgment Against William Boyd 1789

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