Thomas Milam Land Plat Culpeper County, Virginia, 1749

Land Surveys from Orange County and, after 1749, Culpeper County

Thomas Milam's land which was divided from John Bramham's in 1749 is near the center. Milam's wife, Mary Rush, grew up on her father, William Rush IV's, land at the bottom right. John Kelly's 1752 survey is at the upper left in white type.

Kelly was Thomas Milam's brother-in-law by virtue of marrying Mary Rush's sister, Ann Margaret Rush. Milam's other brother-in-law was Finley McAlester who married Elizabeth Rush. McAlester's property would be in the right upper corner of this map.

By 1760 Thomas Milam owned a warrant for the 230 acres just north of his farm which later became Christopher Dickens'. If Milam had not removed to Bedford County in 1761, this addition would have more than doubled Milam's property.

Map prepared by Robert Vernon of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Plats of Mylam's Neighbors

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