27 SEP 1746 Thomas Milum,Thomas Henderson and Finley Mc Collester Ordered to pay Five Hundred Pounds of Tobacco & Cast or fifty Shillings.

Microfilm Image of ORANGE COUNTY ORDER BOOK 4A, page 93.


"The Ch'wardens of St Marks Parish agst Margaret Rush. In debt for having a Bastard in said Parish. This Day came the Plaintiffs by Zachary Lewis Gent. their attorney & the said Margaret being again called but came not. Therefore it is Considered by this Court That the Plaintiffs recover against the said Margaret Rush & Thomas Milum, Thomas Henderson & Phenley McCholister her securitys five hundred Pounds of Tobacco & Cast or fifty Shillings and That They Pay the Cost of This suit."

Image of Bedford County Court Order 27 Sep 1746

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