Securities for Ann "Nanny" Margaret Rush, Orange County, Virginia 29 AUG 1746

Thomas Milam, Thomas Henderson and Finley McCollester


Microfilm Image of ORANGE COUNTY ORDER BOOK 4A, page 35.

"The Ch’wardens of St. Marks Parish against Margaret Rush. In Debt. This Day came the Plaintiff by Zachary Lewis Gent. their attorney and the Defendant being returned arrested was solemnly called but came not. Therefore on the Motion of the Plaintiff, It is Ordered that unless she appears here at the Next Court and Answer the Plaintiff's Action, Judgment shall then be entered for the Plaintiff against her the said Defendant & Thomas Milum, Thomas Henderson and Finley McCollester her Securities for the Debt in the Declaration mentioned and Costs."

Image of Bedford County Court Order 29 August 1746

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