Chronology of Zachariah Milam's Life in Court Records

25 MAY 1772 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 4, page 31. "The hands of Charles Lambert, John Allen, Zachariah Milam, John Kelly, Charles Barnett,  Samuel Hensley, Wm Lear, John Ross, John Dewit & William Willams with their male tithes { Tithables } are ordered to work on the old road from the fork in the road above Francis Holley’s leading through Poteat’s Gap and Keep the same in Repair, and that the said hands be exempted from working on the New Road, & that the Said Hands work on the Road from Thomas’ Ferry {on the James River} to the new Road." [496] You may view this order here (image).


30 MAR 1774 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 5B, 98. On the Motion of Zachariah Milam, It is Ordered that Richard Calloway pay him According to Law for attending for him Five Dais {days} as a Wittness at the Suit of Charles Lambert. Note: John Kelly was allowed the same for attending the same suit.

23 NOV 1778 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 6, 214. Zachariah Milam appointed Surveyor of the Road from Francis Holley's to the Rockbridge line and the Usual Hands are Ordered to assist the Surveyor in Keeping the same in good repair.

26 AUG 1782 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 6, 366. Zachariah Milam proved that he furnished the said Comissary {Capt Christopher Irvine} 375 pounds of beef for which he is allowed £ 10. 8 and Cost, Two Diets at 8 Shillings each & 1 peck of corn at 6 Shillings.

27 JAN 1783 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 7, 20. Ordered that Zachariah Milam be appointed overseer of the Road in Stead of William Wright from Francis Holleys to the { Rockbridge } County line Crossing the Blue Ridge.

24 MAR 1783 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 7, 28. A report of a Road from Poteets Gap to Francis Holleys by Peter Wilkinson's plantation Returned. To Wit, In Obedience to our Order do say that the old Road is the Best & that the road Turned cannot be made as good as the Road through & our opinion that the Old Road ought to be Kept Open which is Ordered to be Established accordingly. Zachariah Milam is Appointed Surveyor of the Same with Usual Hands.


~~~~~Chancery Court: Hook assignee versus Zachariah and William Milam~~~~~

26 JUL 1773 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 5A, Page 148.  W Donald & Co vs Zachariah Milam.  Judgment  according to Specialty. Attached effects. Continued.

27 AUG 1783 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 7, Page 81. Hook assignee {of W Donald & Co} vs Milams {Zachariah and William}. Allowed for Answer {William joined the suit as Zachariah's Security.}

28 JUL 1784 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 8, Page 61. In CHANCERY, John Hook, Assignee of William Donald Jr. & Co., vs Milams {Zachariah and William}. The Defendants having Stood out all processes of Contempt, It is decreed & Ordered that the defendants pay to Plaintiff £14. 19. 8 1/2 with interest from the 20th day of December 1773 - all paid & Costs.

Note: Due to the fact that most law suits, including those for debt, were forbidden during the Revolutionary War - largely because most suits for debt were brought by British or Scottish merchants, the Milams had successfully stalled a verdict for eleven years i. e. "the Defendants having stood out all processes of Contempt". But the Court ordered 11 years of back interest.

This was not the last time William and a brother brought a suit to the Chancery Court - see 4 MAY 1785 - William Milam vignettes, Trustees of Liberty versus Rush and William Milam here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Case~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


24 JAN 1785 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 8, 98. Ordered that John Wilkerson be appointed Overseer of Poteets Gap Road in the Room of Zack Milam with the hands Between the Bounds of John Wheat, Francis Holley & John Hardwick.

JUN 1785 BEDFORD COUNTY “Road Hand Records - Road Lists and Reports 1757 - 1884, Box 1." The attached record is unique in that it is a “Road Petition” signed by all 16 “hands” who worked on an old road to Poteet’s (present day Poteet's) Gap requesting a change in the route. It was filed in June 1785.

“The the Gentlemen appointed by the Worshipful Court of Bedford To review the Road from Halley’s Gap to Poteeths Gap ~ We your Petitioners beg leave to Inform that we Labor under Great Inconveniences by the Old Roads as They now run, and beg You will view a way from Major Gwatkins along a Rolling Road Cleared by Francis Holley and by the Fork Field belonging to Charles Rice into the other Road and keeping the same to Poteeth’s Gap ~”

Signed by “Rush Milam” and “Zacha Milam” along with 14 others.


Records Complete through 1793......


~~~~~Chancery Court: Mary Milam versus Zachariah Milam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A Writ: “The Commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Bedford County. Greeting. We command you Summon Zachariah Milam to appear before the Justices of our County Court at the Courthouse of our County on the 4th Monday in August next to answer a Bill in Chancery exhibited against {him} by Mary Milam {for a Separate Maintainance}. This he shall in no wise omit under penalty of £100

Witness: James Steptoe, Clerk of our Court

The 23rd day of May 1797 in the XXV th year of our foundation"

On the back of the writ, the Sheriff wrote:

"Milam vs Ye Said Milam

For Separate Maintainance

To be Dismissed by order the Plaintiff.

D Saunders {Sheriff}
August 1797

Plaintiff not further proceding { prosecuting }."

You may read the Chancery Court record here (link to .pdf file).

There were no further details in the Chancery record. What we learn from this case is that the first name of Zachariah Milam's wife in 1797 was Mary .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Case~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On 28 JAN 1822 Zachariah Milam made a deed of gift "of a certain tract of land lying and being in Bedford County on the Waters of Reed Creek containing 175 acres and bounded by Micajah Davis, Edmund Jennings and John Milam" to his son, Charles Kelly Milam. [499] ???


In 1838 Benjamin Kelly Milam sold by deed of trust 260 acres along Battery Creek to Edmund G. Damron. [500]


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