John Greer, Cobbler

I found this document in Box 18 (1764) of Bedford County Judgments at the Library of Virginia's Record Center. It is from a court case in which a John Greer sued William Boner for payment for the services which Greer had provided him, like: "mending a Pair of Shoos and finding Lether, one Pair of Mockensons, one Pair of Turned Pumps, one Pair of fine Yarn Stockens, etc."

Greer also hired out horses as the top of the document reads for Dec 25th 1761: "To the hier of a Horse and Horse feeding for 2 Days at 1 Shilling, 6 Pence per Day"

"Ballance Due --- 1£: 6 Shillings: 6 Pence"

Photo of John Greer's Bill

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