John Harvie, Attorney: Accounts from 1768 - 1772

In Bedford County Judgments, Box 32, for the year 1772, I found five court cases in which John Harvie sued different clients for payment for the legal services which Harvie had provided.

These account statements demonstrate the breath of services he provided. For example, he advised Isaac & William Bannister on “the last Will & Testament of Bannister deceased”; “advised the Widow Bannister Chancery”; represented them “opposing an attachment in Chancery made by Richard Callaway”; “defending you against a complaint of Negroe sold by your father to Colonel Callaway”, “a Writ versus Major William Mead”; etc. “Total £ 6 , 3 & 9 ”

As you may read and view below, more services were provided for a Mr. James Turman, Mr. John Purrin, Mr. Charles Moorman Jun., and Misters Thomas and Amos Thorp.

John Harvie Bill 1

In 1769 and 1770 he provided services to James Turman including representing him "versus Michael Murphy on Attachment", "advice Waters on petition", "Writ versus Callaway & McDaniel", "as assignee vs Lewis Davis on petition", etc. It also shows the Court Costs which Harvie paid.

John Harvie Bill 2

From 1768 through 1772 Harvie represented John Purrin including a "Writ versus Francis Smith Case", "the Jame Tresspass", "advise the Jame Case" and "Writ versus John Wilkerson".

John Harvie Bill 3

In May and July of 1768 John Harvie performed legal services for a Mr. Charles Moorman Jun. including "a Writ versus William Callaway Jun." and "advice Brooks in Assignee".

John Harvie Bill 4

In September 1768 he provided Misters Thomas & Amoss Thorp "advice {regarding} Bramblett" and "prepared an Injunction Bill in this Suit".

John Harvie Bill 5

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