" Scale of Depreciation"

I found this document in Box 70 (1792) of Bedford County Judgments at the Library of Virginia's Record Center. The Scale of Depreciation was enacted by the Virginia General Assembly on 6 NOV 1781 in Chap. XXII and was entitled:

"An act directing the mode of adjusting and settling the payment of certain debts and contracts, and for other purposes."

It was used to adjust debt owed in paper money for the tremendous inflation which occured during the Revolutionary War years of 1777 through 1780. It did not affect debt denominated in pounds of tobacco, or gold or silver coins. [586] This Act which is found in Hening's "Statutes at Large", Volume 10, pages 471 - 474 may be read here .

Scale of Depreciation 1792

Scale of Depreciation Cover 1792

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