Chronology of John Milam's Life in Court Records

27 MAR 1760: NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, CULPEPER COUNTY. Based on a warrant obtained by George Row dated 28 October 1756, a survey was made which discribed "....107 acres of land in Culpeper County for George Row.....on North Side of the South fork of Robinson River in the line of a Survey made for John Kelly (now the above Row's)....on the Fork Mountain near a Spring...." Chain Carriers: Thomas Milam and John Milam. Pilots: George Row, Charles McQueen. Surveyor, Richard Young. Land was Granted 26 March 1770. To view an image of this survey, click here (map) . [309]


26 MAR 1763 – William Stamps vs Daniel Norris. Writ: A plea of Debt for £ 7. 17. 5 and Damages of £ 5. To be in court on the fourth Tuesday of April next.  Attachment executed on: James Prichard, John Wood, Randol Gibson, Thomas Wood, John Richey, James Wood, John Milam, Joseph Jackson, James Boyde.  MAY 1763 - Dismissed.

{In order for a possession of an individual to be attached by a court order that person must have been of the Age of Majority, 21 years, otherwise the writ of attachment would would have been ordered upon his parent or guardian. This means that John Milam must have been 21 years old in March 1763 and born no later than 1742.}

25 MAY 1772 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 4, Page 30.  Report of the viewers of the Road from the fork of the Road above Francis Holleys to Poteats Gap returned and established, and that the new Road therein mentioned be also established, and the former Road kept open - & the Hands of Richard Calloway, Charles Gwatkins, Chesley Woodward, Nathaniel Nance, John Milam, William Wilson, Garrett Jackson, James Wilson, William Milam, Martin King, William Fowler, John Hardwick, John Hampton, James Taylor & Joseph Jackson are to attend the service of the said new Road & assist in clearing and keeping the same in good repair. You may read this road order here .

{Comment: There are no deeds or land grants for John Milam so he must have been leasing the land that he farmed. John Milam married Anne Jackson, sister of Elizabeth Jackson who married John's brother Benjamin. Anne was the daughter of Jarvis and Helena (Lee) Jackson and was referred to in Jarvis’ Will as "Anne Milam, his first daughter." Jarvis’ Will also mentions his son, Joseph Jackson listed above. Garrett Jackson is not mentioned in this Will although a John Jackson is. [505] Francis Holley and Chesley Woodward listed above appraised John Milam’s estate . [493]  }

24 NOV 1772 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 4, Page 33. "Steptoe vs Nance -- John Milam being sworn a Garnishee saith he hath in his possession of the Defendant's Estate: one Handsaw, an iron wedge & a pair of Rope Traces. Judgment: £ 4. 0. 18 & Costs. Ordered of sale. {Case} Continued." { According to the complaint: } You may view this order here (image) .

At this time, James Steptoes was the Clerk of Court. Fortunately, I was able to find the original court records of this case at the Library of Virginia Records Center. Bedford County Judgments, Box 43, for 1778 contains Steptoe's original complaint: "....that Nathaniel Nance is justly indebted to him for Four Pounds Eighteen Shillings and that the said Nance hath privately removed himself out of this County or Absconds so the Ordinary Precept of Law Cannot be served upon him -- theses therefor to Require you to Attach the Estate of the said Nance or so much thereof as will be of Value Sufficient to Satisfy the said Debt & Costs...." You may read James Steptoe's full complaint here (image) .

22 MAR 1773 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 5A, Page 67. John Milam is appointed Constable as per Bounds filed.  You may view the original document here (image) .

26 APR 1773 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 5A, Page 96. John Milam took the Oath of Constable etc. you may view the order and oath here (image).

26 JUN 1780 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 6, 287. On the motion of Ann Milam administration is Granted her on the Estate of her late Husband John Milam Deceased who made Oath thereto & gave Bond and Securities according to Law.

John Kennedy, Basil Wheat, Chesley Woodward and Francis Holley....were Appointed to Appraise the said deceased Estate. YOu may view these orders here .

26 NOV 1780 BEDFORD COUNTY WILL BOOK 1, 381-382. John Milam Inventory and Estate Appraisal returned.

"An inventory of the Goods & Chattels of John Milam deceased. One Old Draft Horse…One Mare...Young Philly...One Yearling Coalt...15 Head of Nett  Cattle…7 Head of Sheep at 8s…3 Small Hogs…Old Iron 14s. Frying Pan 3s. plow 6s…4 Old Potts 20s,  2 Wheels 25s…5 Bea Hives at 8s...3 Basons 1 Dish & 3 Plates...Old Tin & Pewter...A piece of Cloth 30s...1 Bed  & Furniture £8. One Dº. (ditto)...1 Dº. (ditto) 40s. 2 Tables. 7s6. One Trunk7s6…2 Boxes 2s6....two Jugs 3s6...Butter Pott 3s…One Negro Man  £60…2 Dear Skins 10s.  Loom & Geers £3...Lumber 15s... Old Bags & Wallet 8s…Old Saddle and Bridle...Partnership in a Woolf Trap with Congrave Jackson...etc...etc...Total: £ 11897. 9.10 .Taken and appraised by us the 11th day of August 1780. John Kennedy, Francis Holley, Chesley Woodward. "

You may view images of the original pages 381 and 382 of John's Inventory here (image). And you may read a full transcription of his inventory on the John Milam History page here (link).

26 NOV 1780 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 6, 306. An Inventory of the Estate of John Milam Deceased Returned & Ordered Recorded.

27 MAY 1782 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 6, 351. Anne Milam proved that she furnished the Commissary {Capt Christopher Irvine} 225 # of beef {during the Revolutionary War} for which she is allowed £ 16. 8. & Costs.

28 NOV 1785 BEDFORD COUNTY DEED BOOK 7, 587 - 588. Ann Milam bought from Samuel Jack for £ 122 in Current Money of Virginia "one certain Tract or parcel of land containing three Hundred and four acres....on the branches of Little Otter River and bounded as followeth, Beginning where Talbot's line crosses the dividing branch.....etc. thence along McLaughlin's line...together with all Houses, Buildings, Orchards, Dower's Rights, water course...and Appurtanences whatsoever... Teste James Steptoe" View Ann Milam's deed here (image) .

24 SEP 1787 BEDFORD COUNTY DEED BOOK 8, 14. Bill of Sale {of Slave }. David Douglas to Anne Milam.

24 SEP 1787 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 9, Page 99. Bill of Sale {of Slave }. David Douglas to Anne Milam.  Acknowledged.

19 APR 1798 BEDFORD COUNTY DEED BOOK 10, 246. Ann Milam sold the same 304 acres to Charles Marcle.

Anne Milam apparently removed to Madison County, Kentucky.


Bedford County Records Complete through 1793.

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