Court Records for Thomas Milam (ca 1716 - 1775)

A Chronology of his Life as Found in Court Records

This is a Chronology of the life of Thomas Milam as found in court records. They begin with records from Orange County of Virginia in 1738 then to Culpeper County after 1749 when it was partitioned from Orange County. The records conclude with Bedford County after Milam removed there in 1760. It may be helpful for the reader to view this County Photo Album (link) to learn how and when Virginia counties were added before proceeding.

You may read a narative of Milam's life by clicking here .

Orange County

25 Nov 1736, ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 1, 124 - 125. The Court agreed with Mr. John Bramham that he should lease 11 acres of land "for the use of the county of Orange to hold Court on and build and erect courthouse, prison, pillory, stocks, whipping post and stable....for 120 pounds of tobacco per annum.....the plot should include a convenient spring to Cedar Island Ford..." At the same court session, it was ordered that "...the Court for the County to be held at Mr. John Bramham December next..." page 137 and, since the Court Justices needed a place to spend the night, that "John Bramham is given permission for an Ordinary {tavern} at his own house...." page 138.

24 MAR 1737/1738 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 1, page 285. "In the suit by petition brought by David Williams, assignee for William Smith, against Thomas Mylam & Francis Williams for four hundred pounds of tobacco due by bills. The Defendants being called and failing to appear, the plaintive produced their bills with the assignments.....Therefore Judgement is granted the plaintives against ye said Defendants for the four hundred pounds of tobacco and Costs." This court seesion was held at Mr. John Bramham houose. Court Order (image)

{A September 1741 Orange County court order identifies David Williams as "overseer for Mrs. Elizabeth Stannard over seven tithables". [417] }

25 NOV 1742 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, 292. Grand Jury Presentments: "We likewise present John Kelly for comitting adultry with Anne alias Nannie Rush in the Parish of St. Thomas within this Six months last past. We likewise present Anne alias Nannie Rush for having a bastard child in the Parish of St Thomas within Six Months last past." [28] {The established Church of England and the English Parliament required all marriages to be performed in the Church. Many Quakers on the other hand felt their faith required them not to marry in the Church of England. In fact, church elders at the Monthly Meetings of the Quakers chastised such couples "condemning their taking each other in marriage from outside the Society of Friends". [127] The action of the Churchwardens of St. Thomas Parish of bringing a Grand Jury Presentment against them was a form of harassment which Quakers endured. The degree of intolerance of Quakers varied with who was in power in England - Puritans, Catholics or a tolerant King - and from county to county in Virginia. Westmoreland and King George Counties where William Duff and William Rush III lived were more tolerant but not without incident. [152] } Court Order (image)

25 FEB 1742/43 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, page 360. "The Suit by petition brought by Wm Nobles, Plt agt Thomas Milam Deft is continued at the Plaintiff's costs until next court."

24 JUN 1743 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, page 472. "In the suit by Petition brought by William Nobles, plaintiff, againt Thomas Milam Defendant for four pounds Seven Shillings & Six pence due by Account, the Defendant pleaded he did not assume for tryal of which the parties put themselves upon the Court who having heard all Evidence and Arguments of both parties adjudge that ye Defendant is indebted to Plaintiff in ye sum of four pounds two shilling & Six pence wherefore its considered by ye Court that the said Plaintiff recover against ye said Defendant ye said the sum of four pounds, two shilling & Six pence & Costs together with Seven Shillings & Six Pense attorney's fees." Court Order (image)

{24 JUN 1743 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, page 473. "John Bruce having made oath that he had Attended Eight days as an Evidence for Wm Nobles agt Tho Milam. It's on his Motion ordered that he pay him for the same. Two hundred pounds of tobacco according to Law.}

29 AUG 1746 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 4A, page 35. "The Ch’wardens of St. Marks Parish against Margaret Rush. In Debt. This Day came the Plaintiff by Zachary Lewis Gent. their attorney, and the Defendant being returned arrested was solemnly called but came not....It is Ordered that unless she appears here at the Next Court and Answer the Plaintiff's Action, Judgment shall then be entered for the Plaintiff against her.... & Thomas Milum, Thomas Henderson and Finley McCollester her Securities for the Debt....and Costs."[31] Court Order (image)

27 SEP 1746 ORANGE COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 4A, page 93. "The Ch'wardens of St Marks Parish agst Margaret Rush. In debt for having a Bastard in said Parish. This Day came the Plaintiffs by Zachary Lewis Gent. their attorney & the said Margaret being again called but came not. Therefore it is Considered by this Court That the Plaintiffs recover against the said Margaret Rush & Thomas Milum, Thomas Henderson & Phenley McCholister her securitys five hundred Pounds of Tobacco & Cast or fifty Shillings and That They Pay the Cost of This suit.". [32] Court Order (image)

12 MAR 1747 NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, ORANGE COUNTY. Alexander Campbell & Daniel Campbell obtained a warrant (image) for land on 27 January 1747. Their survey was made on 12 March 1747 and records "....foure hundred & eleven Acres of land in the fork of the Robinson River Orange County.....on the South Side of Pass Run in the line of a Survey made for Thomas Mylum & John Bramham....". Chain Carriers: John Kelley and Thomas Mylum. Surveyor, George Hume. For an image of this survey, click here (image). The land was granted to the Campbells of Fredericksburg, Merchants, on 17 June 1748: Grant Book G, page 68. {Pass Run was a tributary of the South Fork of the Robinson River which is known today as Strother's Run.} [226]

23 MAR 1747/1748 ORANGE COUNTY, DEED BOOK 11, pages 146 - 147. "Indenture between George Martin, St. Margaret’s Parish of Caroline County, and  Thomas Sparks, Parish of St. Thomas of Orange County.....for 20 £ current money.....grants 200 acres of land bounded by.....Geo. Martin.....Majr. Philip Roote.....Witnesses: Thomas (TM his mark) Milam, Russel Hill, John Towles

12 MAY 1748 NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, ORANGE COUNTY. John Bramham and Thomas Mylum jointly owned a warrant for 403 acres on the north side of Double Top Mountain. Bramham requested a survey of his portion of the their warrant prior to assigning the survey to William Lucas. The land was surveyed on 12 May 1748 "....By Virtue of a Warrant from the Proprietors Office Dated 10th Day of 10th {October} 1747, Survey: ....205 acres of land lying in Orange County and.....on the South Side the South fork of the Robinsone River.....on the Side of the Double Top Mountain..... Chain Carriers: John Jones and John Sampson. Surveyor, George Hume." This unusual statement is found on the back cover of the survey: "Thomas Mylum refooses to have his Backline Run of his part of this Warrant by reason he says he will have more Land than the Warrant allows him & when I went to finish as before, the Chain carriers mentioned in the within plan Cut a hickory Club to drive me off. G Hume" . [304] To view an image of this note, click here (image). This comment confirms that Thomas Milam was a co-owner of the original warrant with John Bramham. It also confirms that being a Surveyor could be a hazzardous job. The 205 acres were eventually granted to William Lucas on 23 July 1750: Grant Book G, page 374. This image is of the Bramham - Mylum surveys placed on a topographic map (image).

( My friend, Robert Vernon of Charlottesville, wrote me about this survey as follows: "Lucas' grant refers to the land as that "of Bramham & Milam", as though they were in partnership for the original 400 acres....Mylum may have wanted the dividing line to run NW instead of NE, which would have given him more river bottom land." )

18 NOV 1748 NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, ORANGE COUNTY. A land warrant in Orange County, Colony of Virginia was originally sold to William Catlet (11 MAR 1736) and later was assigned to John Sampson on 29 September 1747. A survey was made for John Sampson on 18 November 1748 and indicated "....338 acres in the great fork of the Rappahannock River; adjacent to Ratchel Evins, Finla McAlester....". The survey notes that William Kettlet and Thomas Mylum were the chain carriers. George Hume was the Surveyor. The land was granted to John Sampson on 11 June 1749: Grant Book G, page 175. Notation of Mylum as chain carrier here (image) . [308]

15 JUN 1749 NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, CULPEPER COUNTY. "By Vertue of a Warrant from the Proprietors Office Dated ye ___ day of ___ . Survey: for Thomas Mylum for two hundred and three acres of land lying on ye Robinson River Culpeper County. Beginning at a Hickory and Chestnut corner to John Branham's on ye side of Doubletop Major Phillip Roots line.....crossing ye Robinson River {present day Rose River}....up ye River and over ye John Bramham's.....on ye south side of ye Robinson River then with ye Bramham's ye beginning. Chain Carriers, Richard Mazey and Frances Tidwell. Surveyor, George Hume." [306] You may view Mylum's Survey here (image).

As you can see from the survey, Mylum's land was between that of John Bramham, later William Lucas, and the land of Major Phillip Roots. It contained a portion of a river then known as the "south fork of the Robinson River".

31 JAN 1749/1750 NORTHERN NECK, LAND GRANTS, BOOK G, page 355. "The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland. Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia. To all to whom this present Writing shall come sends Greetings....and in Consideration of ye Compensation to me paid And for ye annual Rent hereafter Reserved, I have given, granted and Confirmed...unto Thomas Mylum of the County of Culpepper a certain Tract of waste and ungranted Land in the said County lying on the Robinson River and Bounded as by a survey thereof made by Mr. George Hume as followeth...{same as in the above survey}....containing Two Hundred and three Acres Together with all Rights, Members and appurtenances thereunto belonging, Royal Mines excepted. And a full third of all Lead, Copper, Tinn, Coals, Iron Mines and Iron Ore that shall be found thereon....Yearly and every Year on the Feast Day of St Michael, the Archangle, Fee Rent of One Shilling Sterling Money for Every Fifty Acres of Land hereby granted....Dated this Thirty First day of January in the twenty third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland. King, Defender of the Faith. One Thousand Seven Hundrend and Forty nine.

Thomas Mylum's Deed for 203 acres of land in Culpeper County.

Fairfax {Lord Fairfax's signature}" [307] You may view Mylum's Grant here (image).

This map is a composite of the plats (image) of Thomas Mylam and his neighbors in Orange County to show the relationships of their property lines. Note John Kelly's land at the far left.

25 MAY 1751, VIRGINIA NORTHERN NECK, LAND GRANT BOOK G, page 504. "....Major John Frogg and Dr. Michael Wallace of the countys of Prince William and King George a certain tract of waste and ungranted Land in the County of Culpeper joining Bramham and Milam at the Double Top Mountain, bounded also as by a Survey thereof made by John Baylis....Containing One Hundred and Three acres...."

22 JUN 1753: CULPEPER COUNTY, ORDER BOOK. Deed James Yowell to John Frogg. The transfer of a deed for 210 acres at the Blue Ridge and head of the Tims River lieing in the County of Frederick, surveyed on 12 May 1752 by George Hume for John Frogg, assigne of James Yowell. Deed from James Yowell of Culpeper County to John Frogg of Culpeper County, Colony of Virginia. Wittness: George Hume, Thomas Mylum and Thomas Allen

27 MAR 1760: NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, CULPEPER COUNTY. Based on a warrant obtained by George Row dated 28 October 1756, a survey was made which discribed "....107 acres of land in Culpeper County for George Row.....on North Side of the South fork of Robinson River in the line of a Survey made for John Kelly (now the above Row's)....on the Fork Mountain near a Spring...." Chain Carriers: Thomas Milam and John Milam. Pilots: George Row, Charles McQueen. Surveyor, Richard Young. Land was Granted 26 March 1770. To view an image of this survey, click here (image). [309]

NOTE: In MAY 1760 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 1-B, 131. "Charles McLaughlin, Robert Fitzhugh and William Milum are appointed to appraise the estate of John Vance, deceased." Thus William Milam was already in Bedford County before Thomas Milam relocated there.

17 AUG 1760 CULPEPER COUNTY, DEED BOOK C, pages 373 - 376. "Thomas Mylum of Culpeper County and Mary, his wife, sold to Christopher Dicken also of Culpeper County for £ 90 of current money the "203 acres whereon he now liveth and whereon his dwelling house now standeth bordering the lands of John Bramham and Major Philip Rootes on the side of Doubletop Mountain". This deed was signed by Thomas Mylum with a "TM his mark" and by Mary Mylum with an "O her mark". Witnesses: Massey Thomas, John Clore, Henry Lewis, Jr. and George Row. Acknowledged by all in court on 21 August 1760. [310]

Deed signed by Thomas Mylum with "TM" his mark and by Mary Mylum with an "O" her mark.
Thomas Millim deed to Dickens

26 AUG 1760 NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS AND SURVEYS, CULPEPER COUNTY. Thomas Milam had a warrant for 230 acres of land in Culpeper County adjacent to his property but just across the Rose River on what was then known as Fork Mountain. On 26 August 1760, Milam assigned his warrant to John Green (a son of Robert Green, Gent.) and signed the letter with his usual mark "TM". His young son, Benjamin Millam, was a witness and signed with his signature. Other witnesses: Sarah Killy (probably John Kelly's daughter) and a neighbor, George Row. [446] To view the letter to George Fairfax Esq. and their signatures, click here (image) . {I find it interesting that the first person of this "Milam" line to sign his own signature learned to spell his name as Millam! }

{On 29 May 1761 Richard Young performed a survey for Green: "....I have surveyed Thomas Milam's Warrant for John Green of this County Including 230 acres of Land as a Line of Richard Maulden (now Major Rootes') and Corner to Thomas Milam (now Christopher Dickens')....on the North side of the South fork of Robinson River....near the top of the Fork Mountain...." Chain Carriers: Ambross Yarbrough, James McCollister (McAlester). Surveyor: Richard Young." To view this survey, click here (image). John Green in turn assigned his Survey to Christopher Dickens who was granted the 230 acres on 2 June 1763: Grant Book M, page 180. To view Green's assignment to Dickens, click here (image).}

Bedford County

27 JAN 1761 BEDFORD COUNTY, COURT RECORDS, JUDGMENTS. BOX B11. "Know all men by these presents that Thomas Millim of Culpeper County of the Colony of Virginia, Plantar, am holden and firmly bound to Richard Calloway of the County of Bedford in the Colony of Virginia, Gent. in the sum of Eighty £ current money of Virginia.....the twenty seventh day of January & in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty One___________________1761

The Condition is such that the above bound out Thomas Millim or his heirs.....shall well and truly pay unto the above named Richard Calloway or his heirs.....just and full sum of forty £ of like current lawful money in the manner and form following (Viz)  Twenty £ on first day of July next and Twenty £ the first Day of November next ensuring the date hereof without fraud.....further delay that then this obligation to be void and of non effect or else to ..... and remain in full force and virtue.....
Sealed & Delivered in the presence of

John + Reeves                                                         Thomas TM (his mark) Millim
Wm Ritchie "

( I found this document in the Bedford County Court Records at the Records Center of the Library of Virginia. To view this important document, click here (image) .

It appears that Thomas Millim had already paid 40 £ to Calloway to Lease 400 acres of land but still owed him 40 £ to be paid in two installments of 20 £ each. After which Thomas Millim could obtain a Release and ownership in fee simple which he did on 24 May 1763 and thereby obtained a Deed to the property. The following two court entries have to do with a suit which Richard Calloway brought against Millim for not honoring the 27 January 1761 Bond. However, at the 25 May 1762 court, we learned that Thomas Millim is "exempt from paying County and Parish levies" which by Law only occured if a person was no longer able to earn a living by work. Thus Millim appeared to have a good reason for falling behind in his payments to Calloway - perhaps illness or disability. They apparently agreed on payments since Calloway's suit was dismissed 23 March 1762; and Millim bought the 400 acres on 24 May 1763.)

21 FEB 1762 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 2, page 18. "{Richard} Calloway vs Thomas Millim. A Capias".

23 MAR 1762 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 2, page 23. "{Richard} Calloway vs Thomas Milum. Dismissed. Agreed." ( This is the Writ (image) for Thomas Milum to appear in Court to answer Richard Calloway's, complaint. As you can see, it was first written for March then over-written for April but the case was settled on this date. )

Writ for Thomas Milum to appear in Court to answer Richard Calloway's complaint.
Thomas Millim Writ 26 MAR 1762

25 MAY 1762 BEDFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK 2, page 36. "Thomas Millim is exempted from paying County & Parish Leves for the future."

"Thomas Millim is exempted from paying County & Parish Levies for the future."
Thomas Millim is exempt from paying Levies

10 MAR 1763 BEDFORD COUNTY SURVEYORS RECORDS, Vol.3, page 204. Surveyed for Thomas Milam 83 acres of land on the Branches of Hurricane Creek. Beginning at his corner off. S 82 E 90 poles....By Isaiah Talbot, Assist. Surveyor {small plat included}

24 MAY 1763 BEDFORD COUNTY, DEED BOOK 2, page 177. "This Indenture made this ___ day of ___ 1763 Between Richard Calloway of Bedford County on the one part and Tho. Milam of the same County of other part Witnesseth that the said Calloway for the consideration of ___ £ of Current money to him in hand paid the Receipt hereof he Doth Hereby Acknowledge, hath bargained & sold & by these Presents doth Bargain and Sell unto the said Thomas Milam, his heirs and assigns certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being on both sides of Hurricane Creek containing 400 acres bounded as followeth to wit....." { I should note that the day and month at the top of the page and the price were left blank. I have searched the pages before and after page 177 and can confirm that the date was 24 May 1763. Indeed, Richard Calloway sold three other parcels of land that day. The deed preceding Thomas Milam's was a sale by Calloway of 540 acres to ___ Jackson "adjacent to Thomas Milam.  Thomas Milam got the upper end of 400 acres of a 940 acre track (Old Survey)." Again no price was listed for ___ Jackson's purchase but on the same day Baniaman Turnon paid Richard Calloway 60 £ for 449 acres. I believe that Milam's total price of 80 £ mentioned in his Bond of 27 JAN 1761 included rent for two years until he obtained his Release and Deed. }

24 MAY 1763 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, page 23. (Richard) Calloway to Thomas Milam. Deed accepted and ordered recorded.

25 MAY 1763 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 2, page 36. "Thomas Millim is exempted from paying County and parish levies for the future". Court Order (image).

2 JUN 1763 VIRGINIA NORTHERN NECK, LAND GRANT BOOK M, page 180. A grant for 230 acres of land in Culpeper County on the South fork of the Robinson River adjacent to Richard Maulden now Major Rootes and Thomas Milam now Christopher Dickens. John Green {a son of Robert Green, Gent.} had purchased a warrant for 230 acres from Thomas Milam. {see details above} Subsequently, John Green sold this warrant to Christopher Dickens. The final grant of land to Christopher Dickens of Culpeper County was dated 2 June 1763.

27 JUN 1764 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, Page 133. "Callaway vs ? Thomas Milam. A Capias.

26 JUL 1764 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, Page 143.  "Callaway vs ? Thomas Milam. Dismissed.

28 MAY 1765 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, Page 200.  Fuqua vs ? ___ Milam. Judgment according to Speciality & Costs.  {Is it Thomas or William Milam?}

23 JUN 1765 BEDFORD COUNTY, DEED BOOK 2, page 569. Indenture made this ___ day of June, one thousand seven hundred and sixty five Between Thomas Milam of the County of Bedford of the one part, and John Richey of the Same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said Thomas Milam for and in consideration of the sum of twenty Pounds...Doth Hereby Acknowledge, hath bargained & sold & by These Presents doth grant Bargain and Sell.....and Confirm unto John Richey his heirs and assigns certain tract or parcel of Land Situate, Lying and Being in the County of Bedford on both sides of Hurricane Creek (being a branch of Meminick Creek) and bounded as followeth.....containing 200 acres....said land with appertences.....Tho Milam (seal)

23 JUN 1765 BEDFORD COUNTY, DEED BOOK 2, 572. "At a court held for Bedford County June 23, 1765. This Indenture and Memorandum of Livery of Seisen here on endorced were acknowledged by Thomas Milam partie Thereto and Mary, the wife of the said Thomas, (she being privilly examined according to Law) Relinguished her Right of Dower in and to the land and the premises conveyed by the said Indenture all which is Ordered Recorded. Teste: Ben Howard, Clerk of Bedford Court

23 JUN 1765 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, Page 208. "A Deed Milam to Richey acknowledged & Ordered Recorded & Mary his wife Relinguished {her right of dower}.

24 JUN 1766 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK 3, 254.  "Calloway vs ? ___ Milam Judgment for £2. 17. 0  & Costs. {Is it Thomas or William Milam?}

{23 May 1768 CULPEPER COUNTY, DEED BOOK E, 569 - 70. "John Kelly to John McKenzie. For John McKenzie, being my security to Lenox & Scott and Co for a large debt which will appear by our joint bond, given this day in order to prevent McKenzie from being a sufferer by me. A strawberry roane horse about 4 feet high, two feather beds, nine head of hoggs, a man’s hatt and a lease of land I hold from under Nicholas Davis in Bedford County on the mouth of Battery Creek, with every other thing I now possess or may hereafter possess and all crops that I make till the debt is discharged. Signed: John Kelly. Witnesses: Edward Stevens, James Wilson  20 AUG 1768  Proved by Edward Stevens and James Wilson}

1 JUL 1774 BEDFORD COUNTY, WILL BOOK 1, page 227 - 228.

"In the name of God Amen I, Thomas Milam, of the County of Bedford being in perfect health of Body and of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men nce to die: 

Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executors nothing troubling but at the general Resurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life; I give Demise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form:

First I give and bequeath to my two youngest Sons: Viz: Solomon and Rush Millam all singular my Lands Messuages and Tenements to be equally Divided between them and by them and their Heirs to be possessed and enjoyed forever. Also I give and bequeath to Mary Millam my dearly beloved Wife (whom I appoint make and ordain the Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament) all my Stocks of all kinds together with all my household Goods, Debts and moveable Effects.

And I do hereby utterly Disallow, Revoke and Disannul all and every other former Testaments, Wills, Legacies, bequests and Executors by me in any Will before named, Willed or Bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand + Seal this first Day of July 1774

Signed, Sealed, Pronunced and Declared: Thomas T Milam

(T was his mark on this occasion; he had used TM earlier)

In the Presence of us: William W. Willson, John Reaves and James Willson."

Will page 227 (image) . Will page 228 (image) .

27 MAR 1775 BEDFORD COUNTY, ORDER BOOK, page 93. "The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Milam, Deceased, was proved  and Ordered  Recorded. And on the motion of Mary Milam the Executrix therein mentioned, Probate is granted her in due form where upon together with William Willson and John Reaves her Securities Entered into and Acknowledged their Bond and made oath according to the Law.” ( Thus, most likely Thomas died in February or early March of 1775. The Inventory of his estate was not recorded in the Bedford County Will Book. However, there are no court records from April 22, 1776 until July 22, 1776. Obviously Mary Rush Milam was still living in late March 1775. )


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This is a County Photo Album showing when counties were added in Virginia over time.

Spotsylvania County from Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties in 1721

Caroline County from Essex, King and Queen, and King William Counties in 1728

Prince William County from King George County 1731

Orange County from Spotsylvania County in 1734

Frederick County from Orange County in 1743

Augusta County from Orange County in 1745

Culpeper County from Orange County in 1749

Madison County from Culpeper County in 1792


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